Conference Overview

Welcome to the Healthcare Innovation & Tech Summit

In 2020 the world around us collapsed at a frenetic pace. The dreaded coronavirus pandemic has wrought untold miseries, loss of lives, and extensive collaterals damages globally. This ordeal did not spare a single nation, and still rages like wild fire in its subsequent waves. Hundreds of thousands of human lives lost, trillions of dollars in global businesses wiped off, and everything around us looks uncertain and depressing.

The last few months have also been, mildly put, a baptism by fire for governments, doctors and related professionals, medical services, infrastructure, and research industries. Never in the history of mankind has so much of enormous pressure been exerted on the medical fraternities.

What we probably need is to make cohesive efforts to bring the most technologically advanced technologies, and implement the most innovative medical offerings – so that the entire range of medical services are offered to people from all strata of the society. It’s all about how “affordable healthcare” is extended seamlessly through an inter-mix of automation, processes and people.

Against the backdrop of such a compelling global scenario, we welcome you to be an integral part of the inaugural edition of Healthcare, Innovation & Technology Summit 2020 (virtual conference). The theme of this conference is Healthcare for Everyone, Everywhere !

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At this significant meeting place, we will be joined by leaders of the healthcare fraternity, those at the forefront of changing the dialogue, healthcare icons and influencers, and key global leaders to tackle some of the most challenging questions on defining the future of Health-Tech - for one and all. We will be exploring what innovations have happened with healthcare technology that will assist in defining how affordable and quality healthcare is delivered across India.

It would be great to understand how Healthcare, Innovation & Technology Summit 2020 could be the right platform for you to connect with the healthcare industry and how we can work together to support your objectives of connecting with your relevant buyers and potential audiences.