June 21, 2017

Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai

Secure Banking In A Digital Era


Welcome to the IBA's Secure Banking India Conference - a definitive meeting place for Digital Bankers and Technology Leaders to discuss the most compeling banking security challenges in a dramatically evolving Digital Banking space in India.

India is headed towards a less cash, high-speed digital banking. Hence, the need for a comprehensive and technologically advanced security cover with frequent re-assessments and checks is the order of the day. As customer expectations rise, banking will become more virtual and customer driven. At the same time, Digital Banking will perhaps become more susceptible to online frauds, cyber attacks and white collar crimes.

The banker CIO and his/her bank need to continuously stay ahead, and remain constantly fortified against card frauds, cheque frauds, electronic frauds, and identity thefts. Digital banking also strives to achieve critical outputs such as enhanced customer satisfaction and value through unified customer experiences, fastest possible throughput, infinite banking volumes, financial inclusion, operational efficiencies, scale of economy etc. - all these within the framework of a robust and secure banking environment.

At the IBA's Secure Banking India, deliberations will focus on understanding the business and technology aspects against the backdrop of highly disruptive yet vulnerable banking systems to address all of the above and more. This event is a must attend for banks, IT bankers, CIOs, CISOs and Digital Heads, Regulators and Innovators to interact and exchange advancements in this domain.

A highly enriching Conference Agenda will strive to address critical challenges and include discussions on latest banking and security related technologies and processes available to enable banks to combat the menace of financial crimes and breaches. The program will also delve into other critical aspects such as data integrity, trust factors, anti-cyber crime and forensics tools, anti money laundering, block chain and artificial intelligence technologies to aid risk management and compliance, data analytics, disaster recovery and business continuity, legal and regulatory aspects in a digital banking scenario etc.

A modest expo will complement the program and on display will be futuristic technologies and service offerings by leading domestic and global leaders.


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