October 11, 2018

Hotel Trident BKC, Bandra, Mumbai

A definitive forum dedicated to the entire spectrum of banking security in a digital ecosystem


Welcome to the 9th Annual BankSec India Conference - a definitive meeting place to discuss pertinent banking security challenges, and a forum to ignite effective debates on a variety of compelling business issues.

Program updates will be available shortly on http://tfci.com/2018/banksec

In this era of high-speed digital banking, the need for a comprehensive and technologically advanced security cover cannot be over-emphasized. Modern day banking is most vulnerable to online frauds, cyber attacks, breaches, and white collar crimes. Banks have to continuously stay ahead and remain constantly fortified against card frauds, electronic frauds and other malicious attempts.

The 9th Annual BankSec India conference is a forum to ignite effective debates on a variety of compelling security issues. Deliberations will touch upon critical subjects such as Mobile/Digital Banking, Authentication & Digital Certification, Forensics, Security and Compliance, Risk Assessment, Regulatory Framework, Cyber Crimes, Frauds and Breaches, Anti-Money Laundering, Security Challenges of Working in Public Cloud, Networked environments etc. Conference highlights can be viewed on www.tfci.com/2018/banksec/

Deloitte India is our Knowledge Partner.

Attendees will include senior bankers, CIOs & CISOs, regulatory professionals, technology implementers, infrastructure and digital banking heads, banking technology practice leaders, datacenter and cloud specialists, security experts, and so on. A modest expo will display futuristic technologies and service offerings by leading domestic and global leaders.

Banksec India 2017 Highlights


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