(but not restricted to)

  • Enterprise IT landscape –short and long term security program strategies
  • Latest insights on Information, Application & Data Security. Identity & Access Management
  • Operational Risk & Regulatory Assessment, Fraud Risk Management
  • Enhanced Cyber-Crime and Security Threat Detection Measures
  • Consumer Protection and Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Revised Security Standards, Regulatory Compliance, and Best Practices
  • Re-defining Business Continuity & Planning goals and objectives in a pandemic, and thereafter
  • Disaster Recovery strategies including Remote Operations for BFSI organizations
  • Data Governance, Protection, & Management
  • Agility Building to foster greater collaboration, enhanced resilience and growth
  • Increased Adoption of Disruptive Technologies such as Enterprise Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Next Generation Storage Solutions, and advancements in IOT and other remote capability technologies and processes to aid enterprisesto delegate crucial business tasks, resulting in enhanced efficiencies and better end-user experiences.


Uneasy lies the head that wears the CXO crown!

Circa 2021 - what would look like a CIO’s agenda – creating an agile IT organization which is a blend of technology, strategy and people?And how would you define a CISO’s top priorities - Detecting, Identifying, Responding, Protecting, & Recovering – from IT Risks?

The business of running digital organizations is well…easier said than done. While the term“digital” conjures up images of businesses on the fastest track, automated processing and deliveries of large voluminous transactions at super speed, and state of the art technologies at work – it also means that IT security threats, breaches and volatile financial crimes are evolving at unbridled pace. The perpetrators often bring about massive destruction of assets and reputation – often striking at the very roots on which edifices operate.

Welcome to Enterprise ITSec 2021 Virtual Summit - a significant meeting place of minds to discuss the challenges, opportunities and advancements in the enterprise IT security space. The theme of this significant virtual conference is aptly titled “Safeguarding Assets 24x7x365”

This knowledge and business matching pedestal will strive to discuss key elements of Enterprise IT Security – across industries to give a full panorama and not merely a ringside view. From Manufacturing to BFSI, and from IT to Service Companies. This summit will play host to senior Enterprise IT professionals, Risk & Business Continuity experts, Datacentre and Cloud experts, and other mission critical personnel who take care ofIT equipment, hardware, architecture and software, and just about anything else that requires 24X7X365 monitoring, trouble-shooting, supervision and reporting.

Enterprise ITSec 2021 Virtual Summit will hopefully trigger interesting debates amongst senior security evangelists and IT end users from large organizations across industry verticals. Experts in the form of presenters and panellists will take stock of the current and future scenarios, understand myriad business and IT security challenges, as also trigger debates on what it takes to re-build a robust and sustainable blueprint to thrive in this new normal.


  • Speakers & Attendees: will include senior IT decision makers and influencers, CIOs & CISOs of large reputed organizations, fraud risk and regulatory professionals, heads of technology & infrastructure, digital and internet heads, senior risk and compliance and continuity personnel, data-centre and cloud specialists, cyber-crime cell and vigilance teams, AI and IOT heads etc.
  • Industry Profile: IT, Risk & Security personnel from Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Government, Service & Utility Companies, Aviation, Healthcare & Pharma, Engineering, IT Services, and other leading verticals.

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