Today "Banking Security" has a very comprehensive span and covers almost all facets of modern day banking such as the IT Sytems and Operations, Physical Security & Administration, and ultimately the customers - those who play the most crucial role in the entire partnership. We are gearing up to face the latest complexities by launching advanced security products with enhanced capabilities, hardware and software architectures etc. Products and services are now equipped to deal not only with routine fire-fighting capabilities, but also comprehensively deal with advanced threats, and significantly reduce business downtimes.

Dynamic, knowledge-oriented sessions:
  1. Keynote/Special Address by Industry Expert or Leading Banker
  2. High-End Physical & Operational Technologies & Services to combat persistent Banking Security Threats and Challenges
  3. Panel Discussion - "The Utopian Safest Bank" - Forging a Robust and Workable Partnership between the Banker and the Vendor.
  4. Data Protection, and Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness & Management
  5. Organized Crimes, Cyber Crimes, Frauds & Advanced Security Threats
  6. Anti-Money Laundering, Audits, Risk & Compliance

"Mind Matters" - presentation by Art of Living