The burgeoning Indian Banking industry is going through one of its most challenging times amidst a globally charged marketplace. Today, Technology-driven transformation has led to a plethora of protection, security, breach, and trust related issues. In the last decade, security threats have increased manifold, not to speak of large scale intrusions such as systemic and financial frauds, hackings, white-collar crimes and physical breach of security.

BankSec India is poised to cover a majority of these issues. This meeting is designed to disseminate pertinent and contemporary industry insights, and ignite an effective debate forum. The event will also play the perfect business matching host to bankers who are in-charge of security, procurement, compliance, and governance on one side and globally reputed technology companies on the other.

A top-of-the-order Conference Agenda will address critical issues such as eBanking, Security and Compliance, Risk Assessment, Regulatory Framework, Frauds, Breaches, Anti-Money Laundering case studies etc. A modest showcasing will display futuristic technologies and service offerings exclusively designed for banks.

BankSec India will accord you opportunities to amply demonstrate your company's prowess to a community that remains one of the largest IT buyers to date. Welcome on-board as a Participating Sponsor.