big data

The Big Data marketplace is witnessing profound process, business and technology changes at a frenzied pace. Big Data and Analytics aid large corporates to manage, statistically analyze, and leverage the qualitative aspects of scientific findings for informed decision making and to achieve various customer-centric goals and objectives, both mid-term and long term.

NASSCOM predicts that the Indian Data Analytics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25% to become a $1 billion industry by 2020. There have been encouraging advancements in the study, research and implementation of proven business analytical tools, processes and techniques. These are in turn promising tangible changes and quantum business benefits for the Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Services, BFSI sectors and so on.

KEY AREAS OF DISCUSSION (but not limited to):
  • How Big Data & Analytics are changing the Indian business landscape
  • Indian V/s Global advancements in Data Analytics alongwith case studies, and discussions
  • How Big Data & Analytics are being increasingly leveraged to understand customer preferences and behavior, enhance customer targeting, manageability, satisfaction, growth and value
  • Analytics for enhanced profitability through increase in operational efficiencies
  • Help Improve Risk Management and turnaround time at every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Enhanced MIS, CRM and Financial Management Processes & Procedures
  • Understanding various challenging requirements and developing qualitatively researched products and offerings for Indian customers