Datacenter Conference

Green DataCenter

Green DataCenter 2011 will go beyond the realms of the current Data Center scenario. This event will unravel myriad challenges, allow participants a ring-side view of global trends, best practices and case studies. The Conference will also showcase contemporary technologies and processes presented by global leaders and bring together various communities involved in the research, development, and use of data center technologies and processes.

This meeting will play a catalytic role of getting global technology leaders and users from across a wide spectrum of Indian industries together on the same platform...thus making up for effective business matching.

This Conference assumes considerable significance given the critical need of the hour. While there is a maze of information about what Carbon Footprints are all about, the world is staring at the grave consequences of greeenhouse gases. The ICT industry is no saint - it reportedly contributes 4% of the annual greenhouse gas emission with the Data Center making up for 25% of this pie.

Green DataCenter 2011 Conference & Showcase is poised to receive overwhelming recognition from the best players as well as leading end users. This will accord rewarding sponsorship, branding, speaking and positioning opportunites.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Virtualization is an all-embracing paradigm shift. Today, it has found a berth within all related areas of a typical datacenter...Servers, Applications, Networks, Storage, Data Security et al. All these and the rest can now function in a fully virtualized environment.

Cause: Virtualization

Effect: Tremendous amount of savings on equipment procurement or hire, cooling costs and total space requirements thus leading to a substantially reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Attendees will get a ringside view of how virtualized servers operate and how the overall functions of a datacenter are assimilated in a way where all systems talk to one another in a virtualized environment. The modest showcasing area will help attendees browse through the most comprehensive technologies and processes being presented by leading players in the Virtualization domain. The Conference will feature powerful keynotes, power panel discussions, presentations by experts from the end-user industries, and by leading solution providers.

Cloud Computing
Today, the scope of the proverbial Cloud extends from software to computing and from storage to security. And the possibilities of doing businesses on the desired scale but at a substantially lower total cost of ownership are no longer utopian, but a factual possibility.

If you are planning to build, sell or purchase applications or services that could be defined as a cloud service, or if you happen to be a Cloud/IT end user or if you are looking to switch to Cloud Computing, then this event is surely a MUST ATTEND.

Cloud Computing offers myriad business opportunities not only for large multi-product, multi-functional organizations, but also to the not so large and SMB firms. Working on the cloud has distinct advantages that any business could leverage upon, re-create its IT strategies, innovate, and transform the existing business processes into a very cost effective business model backed by the speed and agility of what the ubiquitous Internet can offer.

Intense debates would evolve around the following broad topics:

  • Certain and Uncertain Futures of Server Technology
  • Server Consolidation Continues as a Major Data Center Issue
  • Benchmarking Disaster Recovery Readiness
  • Architecting for 24/7 Availability
  • Disaster Recovery Testing Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Spending Less and Getting More Secure
  • Change Management: Attaining Agility While Balancing Compliance and Standards
  • Establishing, Enforcing and Marketing SLAs
  • Best Practices for Organizing and Staffing IT Infrastructure Operations
  • Trends, Directions and Innovations in IT Operations Software

  • Virtualization for Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization Changes Virtually Everything
  • The Impact of PC Virtualization on Management and Deployment
  • Server Virtualization X86 and non- X86: Trends, Best Practices and Future
  • How to Securely Implement Virtualization
  • The Operational Challenges of Managing Virtual Server Environments
  • Deploying and Managing Storage for Virtualized Servers
  • Software Licensing in a Virtualized World
  • Blades and Virtualization

  • How to make a strong business case by leveraging the myriad benefits of operating in a Cloud environment - there by maximizing ROI, minimize cost, and leading to a quantum leap in scalability of all enterprise applications.
  • Check out how Cloud computing impacts all dimensions of business - from virtualized datacenters to storage to enterprise security. Gain insights delivered by interesting presentations on futuristic applications and engineering solutions as part of the new cloud.
  • Learn how resources can be shared amongst cloud partners, and service providers alike. Also engage with peers and contemporaries on wide ranging topics such as Cloud Computing enhancements, integration, Security and QoS, Computing standards, technological trends, Mobile Cloud Computing etc.