- TFCI Events Private Limited conducts conceptualises, produces and executes its own conferences on various themes of business and technology.

- The company also co-produces, co-presents, and manages events for various other organisations and associations.

- As part of its routine, normal activities, the company approaches various organisations, associations, and individuals to participate in the capacity of financial sponsors, knowledge partners, speakers and panelists, and attending delegates and supporting organizations - whether on payment or on barter or complimentary basis.

- As a provider of niche technology and business forums, the company, in its normal course of activities, collects data of its participants through its hard copy and online registration forms. This data is stored by the company as part of its databases, and may be further processed for use for its future events, and also shared with participating sponsors as part of the sponsorship deliverables. The participating sponsor companies may also, in turn, such databases for the purpose of their internal sales and marketing programs.

- By submitting one's acceptance as a delegate, sponsor, speaker, panelist, guest, supporting partner etc. or in any other capacity whatsoever, the participating person/organization fully understands the privacy policy of our company with respect to data acquisition, retention, storage and further processing.

- However, if any participant (delegate, sponsor, speaker, panelist, guest, supporting partner etc.) does not wish that his/her official or personal data/coordinates be shared/retained or processed for further use of the company or its clients or sponsors, please do write to us on On receipt of communication from your side, we will ensure that your information does not get shared with or distributed to any third party.